• Leotard Through the Ages

    In the 21st century the leotard is a key part of a dancer’s equipment. It frames and reveals the body, giving the wearer that all important feeling of being ‘pulled-up’ and on display, while simultaneously allowing the dance teacher to correct minute errors in their students’ posture and technique.

  • Develop: Beyond the studio

    When we think about dance training, we picture the studio. From beginner to professional, barre to centre, plié to performance, it’s in the studio that a dancer’s skills are honed… right?

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  • Q and A with Xenia Goodwin

    Bloch sat down with Xenia Goodwin from Dance Academy and asked her about her journey from an aspiring young dancer to a TV and Film Star.

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  • Bloch Warehouse Sale: Brisbane Showgrounds

    We’re coming to Brisbane for a massive three-day sale. We’ll have everything from slip-on jazz shoes for $40 to dance apparel for $20 or less!

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  • Backstage with Bloch: Shaun Andrews

    Jonathan talks to Corps de Ballet dancer with The Australian Ballet, Shaun Andrews in episode five of ‘Backstage with Bloch’. On the steps of the Opera House’s South Foyer, the boys talk growing up as a male dancer while delving into Shaun’s life leading up to The Australian Ballet and beyond.

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  • The Beat on Tap

    Writer Sally Clark explores the progression of Tap dancing, its popularity throughout history and the major influencers of the style. Find out all you need to know in this comprehensive article, 'The Beat on Tap'.

  • Meet the Team - Radim Kafka

    As our newly appointed Store Manager of our Sydney flagship store, Radim holds great knowledge, insight and first hand professional experience in the field of performing arts, in particular ballet and dance. Radim is looking forward to bringing all of these attributes and prior knowledge, along with his reliability, patience, team work and positive attitude to his new role. Make sure to say hello to him next time you visit in store.

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  • Leanne Stojmenov: In my Shoes

    Principal Artist with The Australian Ballet and Bloch Ambassador, Leanne Stojmenov, speaks candidly and openly about her relationship with pointe shoes in this two-part mini series.

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  • Strength & Conditioning Exercises for Pointe Work

    You've been assessed for being ready for pointe work and been fitted for and received your very first pair of pointe shoes - how exciting! However, the last thing you want to end up with is an injury so before you rush into testing them out, a word of warning: take it slowly and carefully and definitely under teaching supervision. There are a range of strength and conditioning exercises you can do on a regular basis to prepare and maintain your body and feet for optimal health, safety and readiness.

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  • Backstage with Bloch: Mia Michaels

    During Mia Michaels' workshop tour in Australia, Jonathan caught up with the choreographer and director best known for her work on So You Think You Can Dance. The 3-time Emmy award winner spoke of her desire to bring dance to the masses and her admiration for Australian dancers. Her life has gone full circle from choreographer to teacher, find out how she keeps the balance in our latest episode.

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