• Discover: The Benefits of a Lighter Pointe Shoe

    Discover how the advancement in design and development of pointe shoes has changed over time. Read about the benefits of a lighter pointe shoe here.

  • A Day on the Plate with Shaun Andrews

    Shaun Andrews, dancer with The Australian Ballet and Bloch Ambassador sat down with the Bloch team and gave us an insight to what keeps him fueled during his busy days rehearsing and performing.

  • Backstage with Bloch: Audrey Nicholls OAM FRAD

    In this episode, Jonathan is fortunate enough to sit down and talk to Audrey Nicholls OAM FRAD, an icon in the Australian dance arena with a career spanning over six decades. She danced with The Borovansky Ballet (now The Australian Ballet), was a Principal dancer with Ballet Rambert in London and starred in Australian television. Audrey even has an award named after her; the Royal Academy of Dance Audrey Nicholls OAM FRAD Grade Awards 2016 (VICTORIA). She is a ballerina, teacher, mentor, performer, mother, grandmother, and one truly exceptional woman.

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  • Advance: Embrace the Nerves, They're Good for You!

    If you’ve ever done a dance exam, competition or performance, you would have probably experienced pre-performance nerves. Also known as performance anxiety, nervousness before performing is not unusual. For some dancers, though, performance anxiety can be very distressing. The discomfort of pre-performance nerves may even outweigh the enjoyment of performing. So what can you do to help manage those pre-show jitters?

  • Win a Scholarship for International Ballet Workshops' upcoming Winter Series, Featuring Dusty Button!

    One full scholarship will be awarded to attend the workshop in each city: Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Auckland, Melbourne and Hobart.

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  • Bloch Partners with Queensland Ballet

    To celebrate this long and rich history spanning over five decades between the two companies, Queensland Ballet is thrilled to announce an official partnership, with Bloch becoming the Official Pointe Shoe Partner to Queensland Ballet.

  • Balletomane: Pointe Shoe Paradise

    Is there any more fascinating tool of the trade than a pair of fairy-floss-pink satin pointe shoes? And if one pair is fascinating, a whole room stacked with rows of them is positively jaw-dropping. When we run tours of the Primrose Potter Ballet Centre, our Melbourne HQ, we love watching eyes widen as our guests step inside the pointe shoe room.

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  • Leotards Through the Ages

    The Leotard; a vital part of every dancer's wardrobe. Writer Geraldine Higginson explores the leotard in all its forms in this informative piece throughout the ages. She reminisces; "I remember, as a full-time dance student in the '90s, how eagerly we looked forward to Fridays, the 'jellybean' day, where we were allowed to ditch our uniform leotards in the required colour and wear any leotard of our choice. The result? A cornucopia of styles and colours. Read more now

  • Develop: Beyond the studio

    When we think about dance training, we picture the studio. From beginner to professional, barre to centre, plié to performance, it’s in the studio that a dancer’s skills are honed… right?

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  • Q and A with Xenia Goodwin

    Bloch sat down with Xenia Goodwin from Dance Academy and asked her about her journey from an aspiring young dancer to a TV and Film Star.

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