Q and A with Xenia Goodwin

Published on 24/04/2017

Bloch sat down with Xenia Goodwin from Dance Academy and asked her about her journey from an aspiring young dancer to a TV and Film Star.

Can you please give us a brief overview of your Dance Academy Journey?
Well, it started when I was cast at 15! And now 8 years on, 3 seasons later, and a lot of dance classes, we released a movie! Pretty cool right?

Tell us about your acting and dance training?
My formal acting training is limited, I mostly learned from the cast and directors and Samantha Strauss' writing helped! On the other hand, I started ballet when I was 9 with Valerie Jenkins Academy of Ballet, moved to Tanya Pearson's Classical Coaching Academy. Since then, I've been back to Mrs Jenkins and Sydney Dance Company which were a great help in preparing for the role.

What is it like dancing in front of a camera compared to a live audience? Completely different apart from the wide shot. The focus is always somewhere random like my face, wrist, waist, back, ankles etc... so your focus has to change. There's a lot more repetition, so it's taxing, but you get to perform more, which is wonderful!

How do you find learning lines?
have an auditory memory, so in regards to my lines I just read them out aloud and I can remember them. The hard part is finding the intention and delivering them realistically.

What other projects have you been doing and have lined up after Dance Academy has wrapped
I've done a few short films and I've been biting my nails for the movie release but I'm really excited. I don't know what comes next, hopefully more acting. I guess the world will take me wherever it likes and until then, dance classes and hope!

What advice do you have for upcoming performers who want to break into acting? Call agents, ask to meet, don't be disheartened. Give it a go and keep trying. 20 seconds of courage is sometimes all it takes.

You can dance and act, what other talents do you have?
I can sing a little. I also once won a bed making competition, my nana would be happy about that one.

Who's your DABF? (Dance Academy Best Friend)
This is a hard one, we're all so close. 8 years will do that to you! But I guess I see Dena the most, partly because we live so close to each other. I would call her my DABF.

Who was your favourite Co-worker on DA?
Again, hard. Jeffery Walker jumps to mind, the director of the first ever episodes and the film. It's an incredible experience working with him, inclusive, I always learn a lot. But there's no one I wouldn't love to work with again.

What was it like returning to the role after a few years?
Phenomenal, like putting a glove on. I'm so blessed I got to revisit her story and I guess get some closure for me and my character about the end of the series and what came next.

Are there any other actors you would like to work with?
Too many, way too many...um...pick one!?! Christopher Walken. He's in my favourite film of all time, and I love him. Also, Anthony Hopkins, Nicole Kidman, Emma Watson. The list is too long.

Do you still take regular dance class? If so what styles and where?
Yes, mostly ballet, some contemporary at Sydney Dance Company and with my favourite school of all time Valerie Jenkins Academy of Ballet..

Do you find the acting world more competitive than the dance world?
It's a different kind of competitive. I think eventually it comes to a point where the competitiveness goes. Maybe it's age, but now I find it more supportive than anything. We are all right for certain things and just because you didn't get the part doesn't mean you didn't do a good job or you're not amazing. Sometimes appreciating your peers' work can be the most joyous thing of all. We all have things to smile about.

Favourite dance piece?

Favourite place you travelled?
Cork, Ireland, or Trujillo, Peru.

Favourite thing about being a part of DA?
Living my dream with people I consider family.





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