Balletomane: Pointe Shoe Paradise

Published on 15/05/2017

Is there any more fascinating tool of the trade than a pair of fairy-floss-pink satin pointe shoes? And if one pair is fascinating, a whole room stacked with rows of them is positively jaw-dropping. When we run tours of the Primrose Potter Ballet Centre, our Melbourne HQ, we love watching eyes widen as our guests step inside the pointe shoe room. 

The company goes through around 6,500 shoes annually: flats for both men and women, and custom-made pointe shoes. A ballerina dancing the lead in a three-act work will often go through two or even three pairs of pointes in one night, so the shoe room is kept brimming with replacements.  

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Originally published in The Australian Ballet's Balletomane, Issue #07: Wonderment

  • Balletomane: Pointe Shoe Paradise