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  • Strength & Conditioning Exercises for Pointe Work

    You've been assessed for being ready for pointe work and been fitted for and received your very first pair of pointe shoes - how exciting! However, the last thing you want to end up with is an injury so before you rush into testing them out, a word of warning: take it slowly and carefully and definitely under teaching supervision. There are a range of strength and conditioning exercises you can do on a regular basis to prepare and maintain your body and feet for optimal health, safety and readiness.

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  • Backstage with Bloch: Mia Michaels

    During Mia Michaels' workshop tour in Australia, Jonathan caught up with the choreographer and director best known for her work on So You Think You Can Dance. The 3-time Emmy award winner spoke of her desire to bring dance to the masses and her admiration for Australian dancers. Her life has gone full circle from choreographer to teacher, find out how she keeps the balance in our latest episode.

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  • Back to Dance Checklist

    Follow this Back to Dance checklist to take the hassle out of buying the right dancewear for your child's first ballet, jazz or tap class.

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  • Parent Guide: Getting Dance Ready

    Let Bloch help you prepare for your child's first dance class, from buying the right dance shoes to wearing the right dancewear.

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  • Backstage with Bloch: Jemma Beckett

    In our 3rd installment of Backstage with Bloch, Jonathan caught up with Bloch friend and Moulin Rouge dancer Jemma Beckett. Currently living in Paris, the 'City of Lights', Jemma has been performing as a soloist in the Moulin Rouge's show Feerie. Growing up with aspirations to be a professional ballet dancer find out how her career took a different turn and she become a part of the most iconic cabaret show in the world.

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  • Claudia's Top Tips for a Successful Dance Concert

    The Annual End of Year Concert marks a significant date on the dancer's calendar. From first timers to seasoned performers the concert is always an exciting moment to look forward to. All your hard work, dedication and passion throughout the year is showcased in this one performance in front of your family and friends.

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  • Backstage with Bloch: Rechelle Mansour

    Jonathan is chatting (and hair flicking) with commercial dancer and model Rechelle Mansour. A graduate from Ettinghausens full time, this 20-year-old is set to conquer the world. Having toured internationally with Velvet and dancing with the likes of Redfoo, Ricky Martin and Jessica Mauboy, hear what she has to say about the challenges of the industry and the most difficult decision she has had to make in her career so far.

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  • Introducing The Acro

    The Acro by Bloch is a luxurious leather flat with leading technology to support the needs of gymnasts.

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  • Backstage with Bloch: Claudia Dean

    In the very first ‘Backstage with Bloch’, presenter Jonathan sat down with past Genée Gold medal winner Claudia Dean­ to talk about her time at The Royal Ballet, her life now and her experience in the Genée.

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  • Meet the Bloch Ambassadors of The Australian Ballet

    Each year The Australian Ballet selects two of its dancers to become Bloch Ambassadors. For 2016, we see Leanne and Shaun join the ranks.

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