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  • Leanne Stojmenov: In my Shoes

    Principal Artist with The Australian Ballet and Bloch Ambassador, Leanne Stojmenov, speaks candidly and openly about her relationship with pointe shoes in this two-part mini series.

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  • Parent Guide: Getting Dance Ready

    Let Bloch help you prepare for your child's first dance class, from buying the right dance shoes to wearing the right dancewear.

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  • Meet the Team - Sandie Windsor-Richards

    We can't imagine Bloch without Sandie Windsor-Richards, the National Manager of Dance Products & Services at Bloch. If you need to know anything about Bloch and its products, Sandie is the go-to woman. She has been the heart of the team for many years, when asked how long she's been at Bloch for she'll tell you "since the last century!"

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  • Tom Elphick Fundraising Gala

    Support injured 21-year-old dancer Tom Elphick by attending the performance packed fundraising gala at SHORE School in North Sydney.

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  • Lisa Craig: A Day in the Life of a Corps de Ballet Dancer

    Bloch Ambassador Lisa Craig documents a day in her life while The Australian Ballet was in Sydney. Let's see what a corps de ballet dancer gets up to...

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  • Juliet Burnett: In my Shoes

    Bloch joins Juliet in the studio for an intimate conversation about her relationship with pointe shoes in a four-part mini series: Juliet Burnett: In my Shoes.

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  • Men en pointe - pointe shoe fitting for The Dream

    In preparation for The Australian Ballet's upcoming production The Dream, the male dancers playing the part of Bottom (requiring pointe shoes) visited our York Street store in Sydney to get their pointe shoes fitted for the very first time.

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  • Juliet Burnett's Favourite Things

    We all have our favourite things in life. We were lucky enough to sit down with Senior Artist of The Australian Ballet, Juliet Burnett to find out what her ten favourite things are. From her family heritage in Indonesia to her love for food & cooking, get a peak into the life of this sublime dancer.

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  • Meet the Team - Simone at Parramatta

    Simone has been with Bloch for 5 years and is currently the Manager at our Parramatta store. She started dancing at the age of 3 years old and continued all the way into her high school years successfully completing many ballet exams, HSC Dance and competing in many eisteddfods including the popular Rock Eisteddfod.

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  • Bloch talks to Instagram's World Wide Ballet

    WorldWideBallet (WWB) has been on Instagram for two years and has amassed over 200,000 followers! Bloch was fortunate enough to speak to the creator of WWB, Neta and was given an insight into how she has built this extremely successful account in the super competitive world of bloggers and social media innovators.

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