• Life After Dance

    There are many skills that you learn as a dancer that can set you up well for a future career. Michelle Dursun spoke to a number of ex-professional dancers who have successfully navigated the transition to a new career and discovered that there are many transferable skills and abilities which they have channelled from their lives as dancers into their second careers.

  • Out Now, Free Bloch Magazine

    Pick up your copy of our free Back to Dance magazine in store now. Full of top tips to make the most of dance class this year, the magazine features images of our 2019 line-up of Bloch Artistes.

  • How to help your Child Thrive at Dance this Year

    Whether your child is dancing for fun, fitness and friendship or is aspiring to a professional career, here’s how you can help him or her thrive in class and on stage this year.

  • What to Expect at Your First Dance Shoe Fitting with Bloch

    Is your child starting dancing this year and you are curious to know what to expect at their first dance shoe fitting? Dance writer, Emma Sandall found out the ins and outs from Bloch Fitting Expert and Area Manager for Bloch NSW stores, Karen Matthews. She goes through why a dance shoe fits and feels differently to a street shoe and why it is so important to get fitted correctly.

  • Parent Guide: Getting Dance Ready

    Let Bloch help you prepare for your child's first dance class, from buying the right dance shoes to wearing the right dancewear.

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  • Back to Dance Checklist

    Follow this Back to Dance checklist to take the hassle out of buying the right dancewear for your child's first ballet, jazz or tap class.

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  • Core Control for dancers

    The core muscles work together in coordinated ways to stabilise and so training them as a group in a range of different postures and movements is a good idea for dancers. The following are some exercises three former ballet dancers turned Pilates instructors prescribe for building good overall strength through your core.

  • Ballet Without Borders

    Earlier this year we interviewed Katia, founder of Ballet Without Borders, a charity whose mission is to bring ballet to children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

  • Lisa Edwards, A Tale en Pointe

    Senior Soloist with Queensland Ballet and Bloch Ambassador Lisa Edwards reflects on the many highlights of her journey en pointe over her 18-year professional career.

  • Put your best foot forward

    For a relatively small body part, we dancers expect a lot of our feet. The role of the foot in dance – perhaps more so than any other part of the body – is both functional and aesthetic. Our poor feet! We push them to the limits of their capabilities, but we expect them to look absolutely fabulous at the same time.

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