Emma Wiggle's Bespoke Tutu Wardrobe

Published on 06/07/2018


Bloch HQ in Sydney was recently a buzz with Emma Wiggle in studio to showcase her breath-taking tutu collection designed and created exclusively by Bloch. In this special photoshoot with Bloch’s Art Director and Resident Photographer Michael van de Kerkof and together with styling by Bloch’s National Manager of Dance, Sandie Windsor-Richards, the Bloch design team share their inspiration behind Emma Wiggle’s custom tutus.


Scroll through and find your favourite…

The Emma Wiggle Classic Bow Tutu

This was the first tutu Bloch designed for Emma. We wanted to keep it with the classic silhouette of a Russian ballet tutu but incorporate the signature Emma Wiggle skivvy with the lace sleeves and v-neck design. Featured around the tutu skirt are 12 of Emma's iconic black and yellow bows.

The Emma Wiggle Coppélia Tutu

The detailing on this tutu is very elaborate with the corseted bodice and embellished sleeves. The black lace for the overlay of the skirt was sourced in Italy, is pleated around the edge and adorned with satin and sequin bows. Emma Wiggle has worn this tutu in almost every performance this year and is one of the most featured tutus on tour. 

The Emma Wiggle Cinderella Tutu

Half dress, half romantic tutu our design for this Cinderella tutu was inspired by fairy tales and dancing with your friends at the ball. With a simple leotard bodice, the main feature of this tutu was the yellow silk/satin skirt that Emma Wiggle expressed "they remind me of flower petals and I feel like a Wiggly princess."

The Emma Wiggle All-Yellow-Lace Tutu

During shooting this tutu, Emma exclaimed "this is my favourite design, and this is the one I do a lot of filming in. I love that this tutu is all yellow." Upon consultation with Emma, we wanted to do something a little different, and not incorporate any colour black into the design. We chose gold beading with the addition of golden yellow sparkling bows, to add a touch of warmth to the overall feel of the tutu.

The Emma Wiggle Fairy Tutu

The layers of tulle were used in this design to create a voluminous skirt that is reminiscent of a Garden Fairy. Another special touch to this unique tutu is the yellow lace and sequin leaves that adorn the bodice and tutu skirt, adding another detail to this fun and frothy design. "You can't be a fairy without wings," added Emma Wiggle, "I love that they look like petals to help me fly." 

The Emma Wiggle Lace Juliet Tutu

The Juliet dress has metres upon metres of a rich yellow lace to make this a special tutu costume creating a flowing skirt of movement. The leg o' mutton sleeves on this tutu dress are a unique feature with the black organza ribbon added down the length of the sleeve as well as highlighting the bodice.

The Emma Half Tutu Sparkle Skirt

This half tutu skirt is covered in gold sequins to pick up the light. The underneath skirt has black net with softer yellow tulle, with sparkle hearts added to the final top layers. It is almost a demi tutu in the way it sits with the black lace overlay design accentuating this line.

The Emma Wiggle Bloch Pointe Shoes

Emma's black satin pointe shoes are bejewelled with bows, sequins and beads. They are a custom version of our Heritage style pointe shoe. She wears them for all her en pointe performances and have been personally decorated by her. 

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