Ballet Without Borders

Published on 11/11/2018

Earlier this year we interviewed Katia, founder of Ballet Without Borders, a charity whose mission is to bring ballet to children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This year Ballet Without Borders have run several school holiday workshops in collaboration with PCYC at Penrith and Liverpool, as well as planning for future ballet sessions with other local organisations in the Greater Western Sydney and rural NSW areas for 2019.

The workshops have been a success with many children experiencing ballet for the first time and loving it! Students learned about the history of ballet, the basic ballet steps and positions as well as having some fun with preparations for turns and jumps. Many plies and laughs were had. 

The workshops begin with some interesting facts and history about ballet, videos and a warm up. This gets the children excited and ready to go. The aim is to ensure that the students are having fun and are engaged throughout the day. A nutrition session is run at the end of the day, which has been a great hit and allows the students to learn not only about health and nutrition but also get close to some unique foods.

Ballet Without Borders had the wonderful opportunity to sponsor Daniel Sterling-Levis, a talented boy from their Penrith workshop, to attend his local ballet school - Glenbrook Ballet Academy. Daniel has since gone on to sit his first Royal Academy of Dance ballet exam.  

‘'I was so excited to hear that Daniel had won a scholarship from you. He came back from the class he took so inspired and ready to take on the ballet world.

Since then he has gone from strength to strength and has been working so hard for his Primary ballet exam. He really is such a talented young boy with so much promise and potential. He has incredibly strong legs and feet and beautiful turnout and he loves to jump, all the traits for a ballet master in the making.” - Miss Ilona, Daniel’s teacher at Glenbrook Ballet Academy 

Ballet Without Borders hopes to continue providing children with these opportunities, to ensure that as many Australians as possible have access to this art form and to change the perception of ballet in Australian culture.

So what next? 

We have had a lot of interest in continuing our work and expanding into other areas. 2019 will be an interesting year with plenty of opportunities.

Coming up is their adult ballet masterclass and fundraiser with Leanne Stojmenov of The Australian Ballet. If you are an adult ballet dancer in Sydney you can purchase tickets at the link above with all proceeds going to continuing their work.

For more information about Ballet Without Borders and to find out how to get involved please visit their

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