In the Spotlight with Juliet Burnett

Published on 20/06/2014

Bloch fans get to ask the questions as Juliet Burnett, Senior Artist with The Australian Ballet, is put in the spotlight. Find out the answers to some of the most popular questions - answered by an industry professional. Juliet reveals tips on overcoming self doubt and the butterflies in your stomach, talks about the people that inspire her, how many pointe shoes she goes through in a year and more!

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Is there anything you are working towards as a professional dancer? 
Marcelle from VIC asks Juliet what she is working toward as a professional dancer. 

Who is your role model? 
Juliet tells Jacqui from NSW about her role models. Find out who inspires her as a dancer! 

Was there ever a time when you doubted yourself as a dancer?
Caitlin from VIC asks Juliet if she has ever doubted herself as a dancer. Juliet reveals she has had self doubt and gives advise on how to overcome it. 

What advice would you give to a young dancer that wants to become a dancer like you are today?
Victoria from VIC asks advice for young dancers aspiring to be dancers like Juliet. 

How is the life of a professional dancer different to what you or others may have expected? 
Linda from VIC wanted to know whether life as a professional dancer is different to what Juliet or others may have expected. 

Can you tell me the benefits I will gain from extending myself into ballet?
Juliet tells Tracy from QLD why she should extend herself into ballet - at any age! 

Have you ever had any injuries that have stopped you from dancing?
Juliet talks to Kayla from QLD about the injury that saw her stop dancing for several months and how she made it a positive learning experience. 

How many Pointe shoes would you dance through in a year? 
Ella from VIC asks the question everyone wants to know - how many pointe shoes do you go through in a year?  

How do you calm the butterflies in your stomach before performances?
Juliet shares her tips on overcoming the butterflies in your stomach before a performance with Ruby from NSW. 

What is the most extraordinary ballet experience you have had throughout your career? 
Juliet shares her most extraordinary ballet experience with Chloe from QLD... 

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