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  • The Ritual of the Curtain Call

    By Annie Carroll. There are hundreds of variations on the curtain call. Why do we insist on the curtain call? Is it merely tradition, or is there a stronger force driving them? A deeper desire to greet our audience, as they desire to meet the artist?

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  • Bloch & Ballet in Australia

    Eighty-two years after Jacob set up his modest shopfront business in Paddington, Sydney, the thread that unites Bloch with ballet in Australia lives on.

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  • Upward and Onward

    The 200-Year Tale of the Pointe Shoe by Valerie Lawson

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  • What is Your First Memory of Dance?

    The very essence of dance is in all of us. From the part-time mover to the professional ballerina, dancing brings great pleasure to millions of people all over the world. In fact, it was Jacob Bloch’s deep-rooted love of dance and theatre that first led him to create a pair of pointe shoes for a young ballerina back in 1932.

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