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  • Parent Guide: Getting Dance Ready

    Let Bloch help you prepare for your child's first dance class, from buying the right dance shoes to wearing the right dancewear.

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  • Back to Dance Checklist

    Follow this Back to Dance checklist to take the hassle out of buying the right dancewear for your child's first ballet, jazz or tap class.

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  • Leanne Stojmenov: In my Shoes

    Principal Artist with The Australian Ballet and Bloch Ambassador, Leanne Stojmenov, speaks candidly and openly about her relationship with pointe shoes in this two-part mini series.

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  • Balletomane: Pointe Shoe Paradise

    Is there any more fascinating tool of the trade than a pair of fairy-floss-pink satin pointe shoes? And if one pair is fascinating, a whole room stacked with rows of them is positively jaw-dropping. When we run tours of the Primrose Potter Ballet Centre, our Melbourne HQ, we love watching eyes widen as our guests step inside the pointe shoe room.

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  • Claudia's Top Tips for a Successful Dance Concert

    The Annual End of Year Concert marks a significant date on the dancer's calendar. From first timers to seasoned performers the concert is always an exciting moment to look forward to. All your hard work, dedication and passion throughout the year is showcased in this one performance in front of your family and friends.

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  • A Collaboration from Two Dance Industry Leaders

    Bloch is proud to announce a renewal of our partnership with Australia’s national dance company, and has committed to a further three years as the Official Pointe Shoe Partner of The Australian Ballet.

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  • How to Make a Perfect Bun

    Not sure how to make a bun? Follow these step by step instructions to help you make a secure bun.

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  • The Ritual of the Curtain Call

    By Annie Carroll. There are hundreds of variations on the curtain call. Why do we insist on the curtain call? Is it merely tradition, or is there a stronger force driving them? A deeper desire to greet our audience, as they desire to meet the artist?

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  • Lisa Craig: A Day in the Life of a Corps de Ballet Dancer

    Bloch Ambassador Lisa Craig documents a day in her life while The Australian Ballet was in Sydney. Let's see what a corps de ballet dancer gets up to...

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  • Art meets Innovation

    Bloch and The Australian Ballet. A story of two Australian companies and a 50-year-long relationship founded upon a mutual respect for innovation and artistry.

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