Strength & Conditioning Exercises for Pointe Work

You've been assessed for being ready for pointe work and been fitted for and received your very first pair of pointe shoes - how exciting! However, the last thing you want to end up with is an injury so before you rush into testing them out, a word of warning: take it slowly and carefully and definitely under teaching supervision. There are a range of strength and conditioning exercises you can do on a regular basis to prepare and maintain your body and feet for optimal health, safety and readiness. 


A final word - graduating to pointe work is exciting but is it also very demanding on the calves, ankles and feet. Like a finely-tuned athlete, you need to be regularly engaged in strengthening and conditioning exercises. Focus on building your core strength and improving your balance in addition to increasing calf endurance as well as the strength of your feet and ankles. Remember - at all times work with the supervision of a teacher.

Michelle Dursun

Michelle Dursun is a writer for the Class Section of Dance Australia magazine and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Dance) and a Graduate Diploma (Education) with the Queensland University of Technology.

Dancer featured is Bloch Artiste 2017, Mimi Swinton-Beatty. (Full-time student at Alegria Dance Studio)