Why You'll Love these Tap Shoes

Why You'll Love these Tap Shoes

Why You'll Love these Tap Shoes

Reach your full potential with an industry-leading tap shoe born from a deep-rooted love of tap! Tap dancing star Jason Samuels Smith tells us why he could dance all day in our flagship tap shoes: The JSS.

Emmy Award winner and professional tap dancer Jason Samuels Smith is the go-to guy when it comes to tap. Which is why we're delighted to release our all-new Jason Samuels Smith Black Patent Tap Shoes, designed in partnership with the man himself.

This Oxford-style tap dance shoe is inspired by Smith's adoration for the genre, and is designed to capture the true soul of tap. Offering a variety of must-have features – including out-the-box build up and a hard leather durable outsole – the Jason Samuels Smith Black Patent Tap Shoe allows dancers to experience professional quality, show-stopping sound and dreamy all-day comfort. Did somebody say Kashmir lining?

As with all Bloch shoes, comfort is a key consideration from the drawing board. Manufactured from supple leather, Jason Samuels Smith tap shoes boast an innovative canvas and Kashmir lining, providing cloud-like comfort and unchallenged durability.


Jason Samuels Smith tap dancing in the Jason Samuels Smith Black Patent Tap Shoe


“I love every part of the Jason Samuels Smith Black Patent Tap Shoe!” Smith explains. “From the interior, which is very soft and plush, to the build-up, which is something that is not necessarily standard with other tap shoes.”

“I love the fact that the product has a very distinct tone and sounds different because of the size of the taps and the build-up, which help develop the sound and the tone of the taps," he added. "The sound is very unique, and yet it’s such a comfortable shoe to wear, I could literally tap all day in these!”

Smith, who was an integral part of the design and testing processes, loves the incredible sound the shoes produce – thanks in part to clever engineering that achieves maximum tap plate contact with the floor. Tap dancers can experience exquisite depth and pitch of sound thanks to a steel resonance plate between the tap and outsole.

Thanks to their very little break-in time, Jason Samuels Smith tap shoes are ready to wear from the moment you buy your first pair. Not to mention their full build up straight out of the box.


Jason Samuels Smith showcasing the taps of the Jason Samuels Smith Black Patent Tap Shoe


“You can literally pull them out of the box and start dancing in them right away,” Smith agrees. “There was a lot of craftsmanship that went into this shoe to make it especially sturdy. The tap also stretches all the way from edge to edge.”

Jason Samuels Smith tap shoes are not just double stitched, but triple stitched – an example of the quality craftsmanship. Being one of our most-loved tap shoes, we released a brand-new patent black version. “The patent leather jumps; it screams — it’s amazing! They look beautiful,” explains Smith.

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