Pointe Shoe Pastes

Pointe Shoe Pastes

Paste is a specially formulated glue-like substance, which is used in both the process of hardening the toe Block/Box and attaching the Insole to the inside of the pointe shoe. Bloch uses three different Paste formulas to give you a variety of options when it comes to choosing the pointe shoe best suited to your foot.


The standard paste is Paste A, which is a firm, hard Paste and was initially formulated to stand up to Australia's hot and humid climate.
Bloch Pointe Shoes with Paste A: Aspiration, Concerta, European Balance, Hannah, Heritage, Jetstream, Serenade, Sontata, Suprima, Sylphide, Demi Pointe, Sole (demi) 


Paste B was developed because dancers wanted a Paste to mold faster to the shape of the foot. This Paste is extremely malleable and will break down faster than Paste A.
Pointe Shoes with Paste B: Alpha, Amelie Soft, Axiom, Synergy


TMT™ Paste (Thermo-Morph Technology), is a ground-breaking, patent pending heat activated Paste exclusive to Bloch, which can be molded to the shape of the foot by the use of direct hot air from a hair dryer. Traditionally, the process of breaking in Pointe shoes has been long and tedious. To redress this, Bloch has developed Thermo Morph Technology (TMT)™, an advanced formula heat activated paste. TMT™ enables you drastically accelerate the breaking in process by molding your Pointe shoes to the uniques contours of your feet from the very first wear. The Axis Pointe shoe, which uses TMT™ paste, is labelled ‘left’ and ‘right’. Once the TMT™ has been activated, the shoes will be molded to either the left or right foot. 
Pointe Shoe with TMT™ paste: Axis

Go through steps 1-6 below with both shoes to mold the box. If the shank requires customisation, follow steps 7-9. Please note that TMT™ will not activate from the heat of the foot created by dancing.