Sewing Ribbon onto Pointe Shoes

Sewing Ribbon onto Pointe Shoes


  • Ribbon bundles are sold in one long 2¼ metre length so the ribbon needs to be cut in half and then in half again so there are four pieces, one for each side of the shoe. 

  • Take one piece of ribbon and at one end fold one centimetre over once and then fold it over two centimetres again.

  • To attach the ribbons at the correct angle, fold the back of the shoe forward and down, then mark each side of the shoe on the cotton lining in the angle made.

  • Place the folded end of the ribbon at the marked position and sew as shown in the drawing onto the side of the shoe through the cotton lining but not through the satin. The ribbons may be angled forward if required to hold the shoe on more securely.

For extra support the ribbon can be sewn further down the shoe close to the inner sole at the same position. Do not sew the ribbon through the binding as the drawstring cord can not be adjusted and the binding may pull away from the satin. The cord inside the binding of the pointe shoe is to adjust the tension of the width of the upper. It should be adjusted while on the foot, and tied in a double knot with the excess cord tucked into the shoe and not be visible. Do not cut the excess of the cords off, as should the knot come undone the ends would be lost inside the binding.

Bloch Elastoribs are pre-cut into four pieces and each has an elastic piece sewn into the ribbon length not quite in the centre so one length is shorter than the other. The shorter length should be pinned to the marked area for sewing to check that when the ribbon is wound around the ankle the elastic sits directly behind the Achilles tendon. The Elastoribs come with detailed instructions in the packet.