Queensland Ballet has found its partner in Bloch

In the world of ballet, every performance begins with a vision of perfection. Queensland Ballet understands this quest for excellence like no other, and it is our honor to announce a partnership that embodies this pursuit. As the Official Pointe Shoe Partner of Queensland Ballet, we bring together a shared dedication to the art of ballet, craftsmanship, and innovation, uniting to elevate the world of dance to new heights.

Practice makes perfect

Witness the magic of dance as the Bloch ambassadors take to the Li Cunxin Studio, showcasing the synergy between creativity and craftsmanship. Our products are meticulously designed to complement their artistry, enabling them to infuse every performance with passion and precision.

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“Throughout my training and now in my professional career, Bloch have been there to support me through every step of my journey. I remember the excitement of my first pointe shoe fitting at the Bloch Southgate Store as a young dancer, so I feel my journey with Bloch has come full circle. As a Principal dancer with Queensland Ballet,  I am so happy to be representing Bloch, a brand that listens to dancers and pioneers innovative and progressive footwear”

— Mia Heathcote, Bloch Ambassador and Principal Artist with Queensland Ballet

I choose to wear Bloch as I can always count on the quality products and the dependability of a company that has seen me through my dance journey from Corps de Ballet to Principal. I hope my role during my Ambassadorship encourages and inspires other dancers no matter their background or level of experience

— Patricio Revé, Bloch Ambassador and Principal Artist with Queensland Ballet

Crafted for perfection

Bloch's legacy of over 90 years in crafting exceptional dancewear and pointe shoes is your assurance of quality. Our products are designed to meet the demands of our ambassadors, and elevate the journey of every dancer, from beginners to principals.

Queensland Ballet — 2024 season

Luminous, bold, and bright, the season presents colourful characters and stories from literature, history, and imagination. In a fusion of new and loved works told through classical and contemporary repertoire, we explore dreamscapes, realism, and fairytales – some with an unexpected twist.

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