Celebrating our partnership with The Australian Ballet School, we invite you on a journey from street to studio, as we shine a spotlight on the remarkable talent of our student ambassadors, showcasing the power and grace of dance in every Bloch-supported step.

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Introducing Milana and Ethan, Level 8 students from The Australian Ballet School and the newly appointed Bloch student ambassadors. Milana’s elegance and Ethan’s strength embody the spirit of Bloch. As they shape the future of ballet, their journey stands as a testament to Bloch's unwavering commitment to providing dancers with enduring quality, comfort, and design.

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“Bloch’s shoes and products aren’t just gear to me, they’re an extension of who I am as a dancer. It’s like having a dance partner that never misses a beat.”

— Ethan, Level 8, The Australian Ballet School


We’ve curated key pieces from the photoshoot featuring our student ambassadors, Milana and Ethan. Now you can channel your inner ballet prodigy and capture their grace and style. Step into their shoes, embrace the elegance, and get the look that takes you from the city streets to the ballet studio.