Is there a left and right foot?

Bloch Ballet Shoes do not have a distinct left or right foot initially; however, they will conform to the shape of your feet over time as you wear them.

What is the best shoe to wear for my ballet exam?

The ideal choice of shoe for your ballet exam can vary based on the syllabi. It's recommended to follow your teacher's guidance regarding the prescribed shoe. Among the popular options for examinations, the S0201 Prolite Leather and S0231 Prolite Satin styles are frequently chosen.

Where on the shoe are the elastics sewn?

The ankle elastic arrangement varies with the style of ballet shoe. It might either come pre-sewn in the desired position or be included separately. You can find a comprehensive step-by-step instruction in our guide. See our guide for more information.

What is the purpose of no binding on some of the shoes?

The absence of binding on certain shoes, serves the purpose of alleviating pressure points on the foot.

What is the difference between full sole and split sole?

A full sole ballet shoe features a continuous suede outsole and a split sole ballet shoe has a two-part suede outsole, one at the ball of the foot and one at the heel. The full sole aids in developing the intrinsic muscles through resistance, while the split sole configuration allows the foot to arch without resistance.

Are Ballet Flats available in different width fittings?

Ballet Shoes are offered in four width options: A, B, C, and D – ranging from narrowest (A) to widest (D). To ensure an accurate fit, we advise visiting your nearest Bloch retail store for a professionally tailored shoe fitting. Please note that both width and length may vary based on your choice of shoe style.

Do all Ballet Flats come with elastic?

All Bloch Ballet Flats have elastics supplied and some styles are pre-sewn.

Do any Ballet Flats come with ribbon attached?

No style of Bloch Ballet Shoe comes with pre-attached ribbons. However, you can conveniently purchase the A0188 Narrow Ribbons separately if desired, one length is suitable to one pair of ballet shoes.

How should Ballet Flats fit?

Properly fitting Ballet Shoes entails ensuring the toes rest flat within the shoe, free from overlapping or knuckle scrunching. It's important to avoid excessive space at the front of the shoe, which could lead to tripping or hinder proper foot presentation. Remember, the shoes will gradually stretch, emphasising the desirability of a snug, glove-like fit.

What is the canvas in Bloch Ballet Flats?

Our Ballet Shoes feature three distinct varieties of 100% cotton canvas: the lightweight Florentine canvas, the Square Weave canvas, and the Stretch Canvas.

Does canvas stretch as much as leather?

No. Although canvas does give with wearing of the shoe so a firm fit is recommended.

Do canvas shoes last as long as leather shoes?

A canvas Ballet Flat will not be as durable as a leather Ballet Flat.