Can you use Bloch Jazz shoes for other styles of dance?

A jazz shoe can be used for many styles of dance including lyrical, line dancing and pole dancing as well as practice shoes for Ballroom and Latin dance.

What is the difference between a split sole and a full sole?

A full sole jazz shoe has a continuous rubber sole whereas a split sole only has rubber under the ball and heel of the foot. A full sole builds strength and muscles in the foot. The split sole allows for more flexibility and emphasizes the dancer’s arch, point and line of the foot.

Is the sole slippery?

The sole of a Bloch Jazz shoe is designed to provide enough traction and grip for the dancer to feel secure whilst still allowing freedom to easily turn and slide. Some styles like the Slipstream, Flow, Trisole Lo and Trisole Hi have extra suede edging around the toe to protect the leather, increasing longevity and providing additional grip.

What is the sole made from?

The soles of Bloch Jazz shoes are primarily made of rubber.

What is the benefit of having a non-lace (slip-on) shoe?

One benefit of having a slip-on shoe is they are versatile for quick changes. Slip-on styles offer a firmer fit, giving a smooth streamlined look. They are also ideal for young dancers who are unable to tie shoelaces.

How long does it take for a shoe to stretch?

It varies, depending on how frequently the shoe is worn and how firm the shoe is on the foot when first fitted. For young dancers, it depends on the growth of the foot. 

Do you sell elastic laces instead of non-stretch shoe laces?

No, Bloch does not sell elastic laces for jazz shoes. However basic Jazz shoelaces are available for purchase.

Are Bloch Jazz shoes available in men’s sizes?

Yes, the Ultraflex and Jazzlite are available in mens sizing. Some sneakers such as the Bloch Classic Boost Sneaker II are available up to a size 16 and therefore can fit men.