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What styles of dance can Dance Sneakers be used?

Dance Sneakers are a versatile shoe that may be used for many styles of dance due to the cushioned sole and Bloch’s iconic spin spot. Styles of dance include Hip Hop, Ballroom Training, Cheerleading, Ceroc, Funk, Aerobics and other forms of dance fitness.

Are Dance Sneakers good for dance fitness like Zumba?

Yes, the Lightening, Traverse Mid and Apex Mid have lightweight, full soles with a high density, smooth spin spot and surrounding pads offering controlled spin and slide for a variety of dance fitness activities like Zumba.

Is it possible to spin or turn easily in a Dance Sneaker?

Yes, however, some sneakers are better for turning than others as the pivot or spin spot located underneath the ball of the foot may vary from each style. It will also depend on the type of floor and personal preference.

Do Dance Sneakers have good arch support?

Dance Sneakers offer support with enhanced arch supports.

Which is better - a high profile or low profile sole?

One is not necessarily better than the other. It depends on whether a higher profile or lower profile suits the individual’s needs.

Can Dance Sneakers be worn as running shoes?

Dance Sneakers do feature shock-absorbing technology however they are designed primarily for dance and not running.

Do I need to wear socks with these shoes?

No, but for hygiene purposes, it is preferable to wear Socks with Dance Sneakers.

What is the sizing based on?

Dance Sneakers are based on US sizing. See our Size Chart for more information.

Are the soles slippery?

All Bloch Dance Sneakers feature a spin spot. This allows the dancer to turn with ease whilst still allowing enough contact with the floor.