What styles of dance can Dance Sneakers be used?

Dance Sneakers offer exceptional versatility, catering to a wide array of dance styles thanks to their cushioned sole and unique outsole construction. These styles encompass Hip Hop, Ballroom Training, Cheerleading, Line Dancing, Ceroc, Funk, Aerobics, and various other dance fitness forms.

Are Dance Sneakers good for dance fitness like Zumba?

Absolutely, the Omnia and Alcyone models showcase a lightweight, full sole crafted from high-density, resilient rubber. This meticulous sole design achieves an optimal balance between grip and slip, precisely tailored for desired movements. Moreover, the package includes an adhesive BLOCHspot sticker, which can be strategically positioned beneath the shoe sole, amplifying ease during turns.

For those seeking enhanced flexibility in their footwear, the Classic Boost stands as an exceptional option. Boasting a beloved split sole construction, coupled with advanced DRT technology for supreme impact absorption, this model ensures an outstanding dance and fitness experience. The outsole's meticulously crafted four-part high-density structure features a dedicated spin spot, enabling seamless 360-degree turns.

Is it possible to spin or turn easily in a Dance Sneaker?

Indeed, Bloch Dance Sneakers excel in facilitating turns. Nevertheless, the efficacy of turning varies based on factors such as dance floor type, individual preferences, and dance experience. For a comprehensive breakdown, you can refer to the detailed specifications available on each product page online.

Do Dance Sneakers have good arch support?

Absolutely, Bloch Dance Sneakers are designed with commendable arch support. The construction prioritises providing adequate support to the arch, ensuring comfort and stability during various dance and fitness movements.

Which is better - a high profile or low profile sole?

The choice between a high profile or low profile sole ultimately depends on your specific preferences and dance requirements. A high profile sole offers enhanced cushioning and support, making it suitable for activities that demand greater impact absorption. On the other hand, a low profile sole provides a closer connection to the ground, allowing for increased flexibility and a more natural feel during intricate movements.

Can Dance Sneakers be worn as running shoes?

Although Dance Sneakers incorporate shock-absorbing technology, their primary design focus is on dance rather than running. If you're seeking footwear for running, we recommend opting for shoes designed specifically for that purpose to ensure optimal comfort and performance.

Do I need to wear socks with these shoes?

For hygiene reasons, it is advisable to wear socks with shoes. Your choice of sock thickness will impact the overall feel and fit of the shoe.

What is the sizing based on?

Dance Sneakers generally run small in size. To ensure the best fit, we suggest considering an increase of about half to a full size from your AU/US street shoe when selecting a Bloch Dance Sneaker. A comprehensive size guide is accessible on each product page online. Please note, individual foot shape and preferred fit can vary, making this information a helpful recommendation.

Are the soles slippery?

The sole traction of Bloch Dance Sneakers strikes a balance between grip and slip to accommodate various dance and fitness styles. This design ensures controlled movement while allowing necessary gliding and turning. For more specific insights, please refer to the detailed product information available within the product pages online.