Are Bloch dance shoes handmade?

Yes, all our shoe products are handmade.

What’s the life span of a Bloch dance shoe?

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration on the longevity of a dance shoe and there is no definite answer to this question. For children, it will greatly depend on how fast a foot grows, how often the shoes are worn and how well the shoes are cared for.

What materials are used in Bloch dance shoes?

We use many different types and grades of leather and suede in our shoes and source the world for the best quality materials and fabrics.

How are Bloch dance shoes kept clean?

For leather shoes we recommend a renovating polish to be applied with a soft cloth. A canvas shoe can be spot cleaned with a cloth dampened with mild detergent or in a washing machine with cold water on a gentle cycle. Satin Ballet Flats and Pointe shoes can be very lightly pancaked but remember not to saturate the shoe as it will affect the paste in the box.

How do Bloch dance shoe sizes relate to street shoe sizes?

Most of our shoes are fractional Australian sizing available in full and half sizes.  However, all of our Ballet Flats and Pointe shoes as well as the Showstopper Stage shoes are in UK sizing, which is generally 2½ sizes down from an Australian street shoe size. Please see our Size Charts for individual shoe category sizing.

Do Bloch dance shoes have widths?

Our Ballet Flats and Pointe shoes offer the greatest range of width fittings and most of the Jazz shoes have two width fittings, medium or wide. Our Dance SneakersTap shoes, Dancesport/Ballroom shoesStage and Character shoes are made in one width, however the Showstopper is the only Stage shoe that has two width fittings, B and E.

Will Bloch dance shoes stretch in time?

Fine leather shoes such as ballet flats and jazz shoes will stretch and mould to a foot shape more than a dance sneaker, stage shoe or canvas shoes. These shoes will also give and soften over time.

Can Bloch dance shoes be bought with growing room?

Whilst we understand some parents want growing room in our shoes we don’t recommend fitting shoes with unnecessary space as it could lead to injury. Soft leather ballet and jazz shoes can be fitted with a little growing room but as the leather is soft it will stretch so they should be a reasonably snug fit. Tap shoes, Character/Stage shoes and Dance Sneakers can be worn with an inner sole however the looser the fit the less support the shoe provides. Pointe shoes, Demi Pointe shoes and Contemporary shoes need to be well fitted with no growing room in order to support the feet.

Can Bloch dance shoes be worn outside?

In general we do not recommend wearing our dance shoes outside as most have a special sole that could be damaged should they be worn on abrasive surfaces. Some of our shoes such as the dance sneakers and stage shoes have a thicker and more durable sole that can withstand wear on some outside dry surfaces.

Can an insole/orthotics be worn in a Bloch dance shoe?

This is a personal preference and mostly insoles and orthotics cannot be worn in ballet, pointe shoes or soft jazz shoes. They can be fitted into some of our other styles of shoes, however we recommend the shoe be fitted with the orthotic or insole as these can change the choice of size in the fit and comfort of the shoe.

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