What are Stage shoes used for?

Stage/Character shoes are used for a variety of genres including musical theatre, folk and national dance, like Russian or Polish dance.

How are they sized?

Most Tap & Stage shoes are based on US sizing. See our Size Chart for more information.

Can a rubber sole be adhered to leather soled shoes?

Yes, a rubber sole can be glued onto the bottom of the shoe for extra durability and outdoor wear.

What is the piece of rubber for in the box?

Some Bloch shoes include a rubber piece in the box. The rubber piece is shaped for the front sole so if the shoe is slippery it can be glued to the sole with super glue or special contact bond glue. 

What is the benefit of a T bar on a shoe?

A ‘T’ bar may offer extra support as well as styling the shoe aesthetically.

Can Bloch Stage shoes be worn for Dancesport?

Yes, Stage shoes can be worn as a practice shoe for ballroom although a soft suede sole may be preferable.

How does the self-locking buckle fasten?

With a self-locking buckle, the strap is pushed through the buckle as normal to the correct firmness and then threaded through the end. When taking the shoe off, pull the first half back through the buckle, then using a finger just pull the silver buckle backwards to release the strap.

Can an inner sole/orthotics be inserted for use in the shoe?

This is possible however the inner sole/orthotic must be fitted with the shoe to ensure the shoe fits correctly.

Are there different widths?

No, though the Showstopper is available in widths B and E.

Are all Tap & Stage shoes made out of leather?

The majority of Bloch Tap & Stage shoes are made in leather, with some of the more economical styles made in synthetic leather.

At what age/grade should a child move from a flat sole into a heeled shoe?

This depends on the teacher as well as the age and development of the student.

Can any tap shoe be used for an exam?

Usually, the teacher will specify what they prefer their students to wear.

Can tap plates be removed and the shoes worn as normal shoes?

The tap plates can be taken off, however, it is recommended the shoe be resoled