How does the sizing differ from other shoe styles?

The sizes are XSml, Sml, Med, Lge, XLge, and are based on the width of the foot rather than the length. See our guide for more information.

How firm should they be fitted?

It is best to have a glove-like fit to avoid movement under the ball of the foot.

What is the purpose of these shoes?

Contemporary & Core Fitness shoes are made to protect the toes and ball of the bare foot whilst still allowing for easier turning and sliding actions.

Is there an indication of a right or left foot?

Yes, this can be found either underneath the pad of the shoe or on the tag inside the shoe.

Can they be worn on all types of floors?

Contemporary & Core Fitness shoes can be worn on most indoor surfaces, however it is not recommended that these are worn on concrete or rough surfaces.

Are any instructions included in how to wear them?

For most Contemporary shoes there is a specific guide in the packaging to ensure the correct placement of the toes.