As pointe shoes are a dancer’s tool, careful maintenance and preparation is key. Bloch pointe shoes are made in the traditional method, using natural fibres and pastes so the foot absorbs less strain through the intentional breaking down of the shoe, helping to prevent injury and minimise discomfort. Before wearing new pointe shoes some preparation is essential and recommended.

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How to sew ribbons onto your pointe shoes

You've got your pointe shoes, now you'll need to sew on their ribbons. Follow our step-by-step tutorial for pointe perfect ribbons every time.

How to glue suede toe caps onto your pointe shoes

Suede toe caps add grip to your pointe shoes so you can dance with complete control. Learn how to glue them on effectively in our how-to video.

How to use pointe shoe glue

You can use Pointe Glue on areas of your pointe shoes to make them stronger and last longer. Learn how below.

How to use pointe shoe hardener

Pointe shoe hardener, also known as shellac or French polish, is a great way to strengthen the box of your pointe shoes. Learn how to apply in this follow-along video.

How to pancake your pointe shoes with Pointe Paint

Do you prefer your pointe shoes to have a matte finish? Now it's easier than ever with Pointe Paint. Learn how to apply below.