70130 CD Ragtime For Dance By Charles Mathews

$39.95 AUD

Ragtime for Dance is a CD designed to complement the popular 'Music for Ballet Classes' series by Charles Mathews. On this CD you will find a fantastic collection of ragtime music, all of which has been arranged into even phrases and include 4 bar introductions for use in class. Made popular by Kenneth MacMillan's 1974 ballet Elite Syncopations, ragtime has enjoyed a strong relationship with dance, both in the studio and on the stage. Its syncopated rhythms and energetic pulse make it perfect for tendus, glisses, frappes and a variety of other jumps and allegro exercises. In this collection, you will find fast, slow and medium tempo rags, as well as a couple of rare 3/4 rags. Every piece has been recorded in crystal digital audio, and this CD features the enchanting sound of a Steinway D Concert Grand.

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